KMNetworks Inc. a B Corporation, was founded by Gabriel Accascina in 2012 to provide consulting services to international organizations and corporations in the field of knowledge management, information and communication technology, communication and capacity development. Most of KM Networks’ clients are governments and organizations working in international development. Gabriel’s work capitalizes on 30 years of experience in over 80 countries and ranges from strategic advice, project formulation and documentation, studies, assessments and audits, monitoring and systems implementation. KMNetworks Inc. engages full and part time employees and a network of consultants that provide, when needed, additional skill sets.

At KMNetworks Inc. we look at the organization’s objectives organically and with a clear perspective of its mission’s requirements in today’s challenging environment. Leveraging all current technologies as needed, KMNetworks serves its clients from assesment studies, market assesments, strategy design to full project implementation. KMNetworks Inc. specializes in adding value to work and investments already made, or in suggesting realistic, achievable alternatives. From supporting organizations heading to new directions, to appraising current efforts and solving bottlenecks, to formal audits and reviews, KMNetworks truly covers the range of services to ensure that knowledge, information and experience work for your organization and its clients and deliver measurable results.

Gabriel Accascina

Gabriel Accascina Gabriel Accascina is an advisor working in the field of innovative project design and management for sustainable human development.

From 2013 to the present he has advised the UN in the design of technology-based innovation programs, and the US Government in prototyping the Open Situation Room, a peace-building platform to foster civ-mil collaboration. He has advised the Office of the President of Mexico on information technology policies and designed a framework for knowledge management at the Islamic Development Bank. In his spare time he is developing energy production control systems for integrating micro-energy sources and monitoring total energy consumption.

From 2008 to 2012 he was the Director of the Knowledge Management Group at the UN Development Programme. As UNDP’s leader on knowledge management and innovative solutions, he was tasked with optimizing the value of knowledge in accelerating progress towards the Millennium Development Goals and determine how and where human, financial and technical resources can have the greatest impact on development results. He represented UNDP in key policy and management fora and helped to ensure effective integration of internal knowledge systems with partner agencies and organizations, particularly within the UN system. As a result, he designed and implemented Teamworks, an open source knowledge-sharing platform. In 2012 the Government of Brazil selected Teamworks for the Rio+20 Dialogues. International organizations currently use it for the Sustainable Development Goals consultations, for the 2016 Humanitarian Summit, the G20 Civil and UN Habitat dialogues. Teamworks is now connecting 700,000 humanitarian assistance and development practitioners in these initiatives.

Previously, Mr. Accascina was the Director of the consulting firm IT4DEV and the Regional Coordinator of the UNDP Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme (APDIP). In these capacities, he has designed and implemented a number of innovative initiatives, some of which have been replicated in multiple countries. These include the first Internet connection in Fiji, Bhutan and East Timor; the UNDP Network Academies Project in partnership with Cisco Systems; the Bhutan Agricultural Research Network and the School Project with Coca-Cola in Malaysia. In Malaysia and then in Egypt and Jordan, he designed and launched the Mobile Internet Unit Project, creating a learning environment on wheels. Mr. Accascina has created and implemented human rights information systems, aid coordination software and e-Government initiatives. He has been engaged in the design and implementation of development projects in Africa and the Middle East and has assisted in drafting ICT policies in Ukraine, Afghanistan, China and Yemen.

Mr. Accascina holds a masters degree in development communication. He has been a fellow at Harvard University’s Center for International Development and recruited as adjunct professor of New Media at Columbia University SIPA in 2006. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, the Herald Tribune, Asia Week and other publications. He was the recipient of the Stockholm Challenge Award in 2000 for ICT in Education and of the Excellence in KM Award in 2012 for Teamworks.