KMNetworks offers consulting services in the areas of  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Knowledge Management (KM).
Information and Communication Technology
Working with a number of governments and organizations such as the US Government, the World Bank, numerous United Nations Agencies, the Asian and Islamic Development Bank as well as with private sector corporations such as Cisco, Coca Cola, Xerox and many others, We have conducted studies and analyses, designed and implemented innovative initiatives, putting technology at the service of people in fields as diverse as human rights, education, health, gender, agriculture, environment, and post-conflict rehabilitation.

From assessing needs to designing systems our interventions have made a difference for many people around the world.

In collaboration with our team of experts, the collective knowledge, experiences and lessons learned during the implementation of hundreds of projects worldwide are made available to KMNetworks clients, so our clients can maximize their return on investment in ICT education, partnerships, citizen’s services, e-government or other technology-based solutions to further sustainable development.

Knowledge Management
With economic constraints becoming more stringent, organizations need to aim at extracting more value from the resources they have invested by sharing valuable knowledge, information and data across business units, geographic locations and partners. The principal objective of knowledge management is to create a cross-fertilization structure to support the achievement of corporate results and innovation by triggering the potential of untapped capacity in all areas of engagement. Important internal synergies are often the net result of connecting the tacit knowledge of people working in environments that may seem unrelated.

By implementing sound and strategically advanced practices, staff is empowered with added tools and practices to achieve better results, while management can rely on a much more broad-based information acquisition structure for decision-making. Linking the organization vertically and horizontally creates a momentum that compels employees at all levels to perform more effectively. Additionally, new generation knowledge management practices allow clients to engage with the organization more closely, new hires to develop a feel for the organization and grow more rapidly and experts, consultants, vendors and advisors to remain engaged in communities of practice.

KMNetworks specializes in the design, implementation and optimization of innovative, realistic and efficient knowledge management solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs and goals. From increasing knowledge and technology ROI, to designing frameworks, policies or systems, or organizing training and workshops, KMNetworks offers a wide range of services to ensure that your investment works for you and your organization.