Assess the organization’s current state, conduct a system and process analysis and provide the Client with options and a roadmap for transitioning to an improved, effective and lasting digital enterprise.

KM Strategy

Establish a sound pathway to knowledge sharing with a clear view of what can be expected and what needs to be done to implement your collaboration architecture.

Facilitation and innovation

Knowledge flows best when it’s facilitated to foster innovation. Training your KM focal points to help your experts and promote better exchanges is key to creating new value.

System Development

Thinking about building your own corporate knowledge sharing platform or acquiring one? Get the best value in both cases by knowing how to successfully do so.

Personal Knowledge

Many mid to end career professionals simply do not leverage what they have already  learned and experienced. Building your own KM system give you an edge giving you the capacity to add up what you already know

Policy and Implementation

Knowledge doesn’t happen in a vacuum. An enabling HR and technical environment and clear guidelines should be established to plug  knowledge in, so that it’s understood and utilized.